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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Experience seamless wisdom teeth removal at Awah Surgical Providers, DBA Mansfield Oral Surgery. Dr. Franklin Awah, our skilled oral surgeon in Mansfield, TX, employs advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable extraction process, minimizing discomfort for patients in their late teens or early twenties. 

Benefits include: reduced risk of overcrowding, prevention of potential impaction, and improved overall oral health. Trust us for expert care that prioritizes your well-being and sets the stage for a healthier, more relaxed oral future.

Tooth Removal

Trust us for expert tooth removal procedures in Mansfield, ensuring a smooth experience from routine extractions to more complex cases. Our Mansfield oral surgery team prioritizes patient comfort throughout, employing personalized approaches for various needs. 

Benefits include: alleviating pain and discomfort, preventing potential complications, and promoting improved oral health. Rely on us for precise and caring tooth removal, setting the foundation for a pain-free smile.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Specializing in dental implant procedures, we offer effective and enduring solutions for missing teeth. Dr. Awah and the rest of the team ensure a comfortable process, providing relief from pain and preventing potential complications. Benefit from improved oral health and trust us for expert care in tooth removal.

Denture Implants (Snap-On and Fixed)

We provide tailored oral surgery procedures in Mansfield for those dealing with missing teeth through denture implants. Offering both snap-on and fixed options, these procedures provide secure and natural-looking alternatives, empowering patients with their improved smiles.

Dental Sedation Options

Our team offers a range of dental sedation options to address the potential anxiety associated with oral surgery. These choices are designed to promote relaxation and ease for patients during their procedures, creating a positive experience.

About Us

Outstanding care starts with an outstanding team. At Mansfield oral surgery, we are a team of true experts in dentistry and oral surgery that prides itself on meticulous attention to detail, quality work and customer service. We are grateful for the opportunity to take care of your needs. Therefore, our commitment to you is to provide the highest level of service and exceptional care.

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We are dedicated to taking care of all oral surgery needs in Mansfield TX, Arlington TX and the surrounding areas. At Mansfield Oral Surgery, we have a team of board-certified experts in oral surgery with well over a decade of experience to guide you through the oral surgery process. We look forward to meeting you and becoming a partner in your oral health.
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