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Denture Implants at Mansfield Oral Surgery

We regularly place denture implants at Mansfield Oral Surgery to stabilize dentures. Dentures are a common option for the replacement of lost teeth but often have stability issues, especially on the lower jaw.
Products such as adhesives exist to give some stability to those loose-fitting dentures. But did you know that dentures can also be stabilized using dental implants?
There are two different options for implant retained dentures that will allow you to be able to enjoy food and speak without mobility issues. At Mansfield Oral Surgery, we refer to these solutions as snap-on dentures and fixed dentures, and our experts will take the time to figure out which option is right for you. It’s time to improve the quality of your life with denture implants!

What is Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures, also known as non-removable dentures, are another option for the replacement of lost teeth. Instead of posts on the implants, these denture implants use a screw connected to the denture to effectively have a screw-in denture. Fixed dentures are ideal for individuals who have more stable bone but extensive decay requiring extractions of all teeth.
These are sometimes incorrectly labeled a permanent denture implant solution or a permanently affixed denture implant solution, because only a dentist can remove or tighten the denture. However, these dentures should be removed once a year to clean the dental implants and prosthetic (denture) and have the screw replaced at that time as well.
Just as with snap-on dentures, fixed dentures also offer stability with the denture and allow you to eat and chew normally, even with stickier foods that may cause problems for traditional dentures. They also allow patients to speak normally without worrying that their dentures may fall out. Once again, the palate of the upper denture may be removed to allow for a more natural feel.

What is the Difference Between the Snap-on and Fixed Implant Dentures?

The biggest difference between the two types of implant retained dentures has to do with the way they are cleaned. For snap on dentures, you can remove them nightly allowing you to clean the implant posts and denture itself. In contrast, a fixed implant denture is removed annually by your general dentist for cleaning of the implants. However, it is still recommended you brush daily.
In both cases, for individuals who require a denture and do not want to worry about the denture coming loose or just want to enjoy a good meal, these implant retained dentures can be life-changing.

How Much Do Denture Implants Cost?

The cost of your denture implants will depend on how many implants are placed and the kind of denture implant option you choose. Our team at Mansfield Oral Surgery will be happy to discuss payment options with you for your denture implants.

What is Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-on dentures, or locator implants, are a wonderful option for people who already have traditional dentures. These are called snap-on dentures because they actively snap on to the dental implants. Many times, we can convert the traditional denture to retro-fit the implants, as long as it has a good fit. This is assessed at your consultation for denture implants.
Snap-on dentures are also a good fit for individuals who have severe gum disease. In these cases of severe bone loss, accessibility and hygiene of the dental implants are of the utmost importance so that the implants can remain stable.
Snap-on dentures can be removed by the patient, which is important, as this allows the soft tissue to breathe and allows the dental implants to be cleaned to avoid infection. Dental implants will slow the rate of bone loss significantly by being in function, but if they cannot be cleaned, that bone loss can increase and threaten the stability of the implants.
The process of giving a patient a snap-on denture involves first placing two to four dental implants on the lower arch and four to six implants for the upper arch. These dental locator implants are securely placed in the jawbone and allowed to heal between three and four months.
A post, sometimes called an abutment or locator abutment, is then placed on the implants to connect with your dentures. You are then effectively able to “snap” the denture into place. This is why we refer to those denture implants as snap-on denture implants. The dentures are able to securely fit to a patient’s mouth while also remaining easy to remove when necessary.
An additional benefit of placing these dental implants on the maxillary, or upper, arch is that many times the palate on the denture can be removed. This is the number-one complaint for upper dentures—the palatal part of the denture impedes the appropriate tasting of foods. In other words, it changes the way food tastes. By removing the palatal portion, you regain your sense of taste by exposing your taste buds.
Some of the benefits of snap-on dentures include:

  • A snug and comfortable fit
  • Increased stability
  • Decreased bone loss over time
  • Ease of removal and cleaning

Denture Appointment Aftercare

After dental implants have been placed for your snap-on or fixed dentures, you will return home to rest for a day or two. The exact details of the recovery process vary from patient to patient depending on their case. It will be vital to follow your surgeon’s care directions as closely as possible to ensure proper recovery.

Temporary pain and discomfort may be experienced immediately following the implant placement surgery, along with swelling, bruising, and minor bleeding. Pain-control medication may be prescribed to help deal with discomfort and must be taken as directed. If any of these issues worsen during recovery, contact our office immediately and we will provide guidance.

Antibiotics may be prescribed after the procedure in order to prevent infections in the operative area. It will also be necessary for patients to restrict their diet to soft foods during the healing process. This will prevent unnecessary pressure on the dental implants.

Patients often report feeling normal within a week of the dental implant placement procedure. It will be necessary to wear a healing denture during recovery. This does not attach to the dental implants, which helps give the tissues in the area time to heal. Full healing of the area can take several months.

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