Wisdom Teeth Removal – What to Expect

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At Mansfield Oral Surgery, we specialize in a variety of dental services. Wisdom teeth removal, or wisdom teeth extraction, is a common procedure that many people may need to undergo at some point in their lives. Knowing what to expect during and after your wisdom teeth removal can help you to better prepare for the process.

Why Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The wisdom teeth are the last of your permanent teeth to grow and typically begin to emerge around early adulthood. They are a third set of molars that develop at the back of the mouth. Some people have enough space in the area to allow the wisdom teeth to grow properly. In these cases, the wisdom teeth do not need to be removed because they are not causing any issues.

In many cases, there is not enough space to accommodate the wisdom teeth, which can lead to them becoming impacted. This can cause them to grow at an odd angle which places pressure on the surrounding teeth, bones, and nerves which can lead to pain and discomfort.

In other instances, the wisdom tooth may only partially emerge from the gums which creates a place where bacteria may enter. This can cause several problems. Wisdom teeth will likely need to be removed if you are experiencing issues like:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Damage
  • Cyst Formation

What to Expect

Wisdom teeth removal procedures can involve extracting one or more wisdom teeth, depending on how many are problematic. At Mansfield Oral Surgery, we use advanced techniques to diagnose the need for tooth extraction, including detailed 3D imaging of the mouth. We also utilize a minimally invasive approach to help shorten the recovery period.

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically performed using anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort. There may be some pain and discomfort following the procedure. Medication can be provided to help with this during the recovery period.

Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Once your tooth extraction procedure has been completed, our team will provide you with a post-operative care plan to make sure your recovery goes smoothly. The exact length of your recovery will vary based on various factors like the number of wisdom teeth removed. On average, most people will need a few days to around a week to properly recover from their wisdom teeth removal procedure.

You can expect to experience some pain and discomfort that can be eased with medication. Some bleeding and swelling around the area are also common. It is recommended that you stick to eating softer foods during the first few days of your recovery, as directed, to promote optimal healing.

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